Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mission Calls and Ice Cream

Hey look, three posts in three days. Ha if only I could promise that in the future!

I've reached a point in life where every single missionary is returning home, every girl friend is leaving, and everyone else is getting married. It is quite awesome, and there are changes abounding. Yesterday of of my favorite people got her mission call. I would like to congratulate Miss Natalie on her call to Ft. Lauderdale! Those people are SO lucky to be getting her! I know not what I'll do without her lovely face to gaze upon.

(PS - she's not that tall in real life. She is tall... but she decided for the picture's sake to put on boots that added like more than 1/2 foot.)

Afterwards we all went to institute, whereat Jon Bytheway was speaking. It was a blast, quite hilarious, and inspirational. I love the classes and opportunities I have in this area - there are quite literally not enough hours in the day for all of them.

Afterwards, about 15 of us 19-25 year olds hit up the Cold Stone Creamery for some adventuretime. We all crowded outside the front door until they had to close, at which time we all promptly got up to help the employees move the outdoor furniture inside. Yay for random acts of service! With 15 of us helping out with what would normally be a 2 person job, they didn't really have anything to do afterward.

Then we all parted ways, but not before documenting the epic evening with pictures.

I love my life. Look all all of those amazing friends I have. And that is only a small fraction. I'm the luckiest person on earth.

Assorted randoms:

I am cropping my pictures to 3x5 from now on. Don't ask me what brought on this change of heart - because I really don't know.

I think I'm going to change up my hair. I'm perming it into loose ringlet curls and dying it with some brighter red highlights. Please let me know what you think of the idea. I'm nervous - I've never dyed my hair before. But I want to accentuate the redness of my hair more, so I think I'll take the chance.



ScoMan said...

I hope your friend enjoys your experience in Ft Lauderdale.

As for the question about your hair... ummm... I don't know *shrugs*

Mostly because I'm not sure what a "perm" is, I don't know what "loose ring curls" means and I'm not sure what "highlights" are.

I do know what a comb is. And gel. And shampoo.

Sue said...

You do have a bunch of great friends! Nice photos!!

As for the hair, just be careful about who does the perm and color. I've had bad luck with both...And it's kinda hard on the hair to do both treatments to it.

Perms are tricky. The ones I've had were never quite the way I had hoped they'd be and turned out to be more of a pain. I do like color, though, and if you get one of those colorists that really knows what she's doing and can run three colors through to make your "more vivid red" look natural, I'd say go for it!

But I'm a little worried about the perm! Gotta be honest here...


Jocelyn Christensen said...

Yay for mission calls...that is an awesome picture!!

Anonymous said...

I go natural with my hair, and the only time I've ever colored it was a nightmare. I try to embrace what god gave me, but if you wanna try something new, now's the time, girl! Do it! :)

M-Cat said...

What fun pcis! And I will always so GO FOR IT on the hair. It's the one thing I have that I can change often when I get bored and it's fun to mix things up a bit!

ReformingGeek said...

What lovely photos! You are indeed very fortunate to be surrounded by so many friends.

As for your hair, talk to your hairdresser, and good luck!

Anonymous said...

You don't need a perm, your hair already curls easily. As for color, do whatever you want. Most redheads and blondes regret it though.
I like how that picture makes her look tall. But if it were me in that picture, I'd look like that without boots.
Did John Bytheway do the John by the way joke with the picture of the outhouse? He does that every time. It's only funny once.

Mikki said...

I love John Bytheway. I love all these fun pics. Sounds like a great group of friends.
Your hair looks like it's a lovely shade of red from your profile pic, but I think you should have fun with it if you want to, besides it eventually grows back out. Ringlets would go well with your gorgeousness!

Powdered Toast Man said...

I love that last picture where everyone is standing in a sort of spiral circle around that one dude.

You should dye it more red, red is sexy.

Mr. Stupid said...

Great pictures. You do have some amazing friends.

Pedaling said...

it's good that you take so many pics of your friends.
good times.

go for the hair color
the perm, hmmm don't know.

so what was the inspiration from the quote?

ModernMom said...

This looks like just a great group of friends. Best of luck to all of you!


Congrats to your very cute friend. She will no regret it.
The great thing anout hair is there is most always room for change. I say go for it.

tammy said...

Can't wait to see pics of your new 'do'.

Your life kind of makes me want to be young and do it all again.

brandy said...

Your friend is going to LOVE the next year and a half of her life. I'd be tempted by the beach everyday :)
You are so lucky to have so many sweet friends around you. It really does make a difference in your life.
Now, I am craving a big fat Cold Stone ice cream!!
As for the hair....go for more red! Red is HOT! Good luck!

Laoch of Chicago said...

In many ways as you get older you will find that your friends are your greatest possessions.

As to your hair, because it will grow out you should be more inclined to embrace risk.

sheri said...

really, what an amazing life you have-full of the things that mean the most to you-great friends!! have you been to the mission field yet??

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