Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lindsey's Autumn Garden

Rain is amazing, and autumn is the best season... I couldn't resist running out into my yard this morning to take these. It was chilly, and I was still in my PJ's, but in no way was I going to miss out on this perfection.

We have the best world EVER. Who agrees with me?

See all pictures HERE.


Sue said...

Your world looks a little better than mine, in a fall sense. It's been so warm in California that our leaves are late in the changing...

Beautiful photos!


Pedaling said...

I agree with you---and yes that was perfection....even the dried up blooms.

Chillygator said...

That's really all in your yard? It's so beautiful!

M-Cat said...

I SO agree with you on the best world ever, and I feel it a privilege to get to be here every day. But I HATE Autumn. Is that gonna be a deal breaker for us? : )

Teachinfourth said...

Great images…I love photos of this time of year!

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