Sunday, February 7, 2010

Me & Amber

I just kinda did this today because I was bored, and I wanted to, and I said I'd get a sample of singing up here if I could. Also because I love getting nostalgic, and heck maybe I'm even pulling off a bit of advertising. (Subliminal: Take vocal lessons from Amber Glissmeyer.)

That is all. Now watch the video.

Ha I feel like a total goof going through all those photos to this beautiful song (though it could almost be considered cheesy), but I enjoyed it, so get over it. Cheese tastes good. I don't know why people have so much against cheese...

I am blessed to have many wonderful friends I could do such a video for - but today, it's Amber, one of my besties since aught six. As is evidenced in the pictures, ranging from like - September 2006 to last week. Love ya forever beautiful girl!!

Now, as i just realized what time it actually is, I am going to bed! Peace and love.


Garrett said...

That's awesome! Too bad the recording sucks, we'll have to record it for real sometime soon. Thanks so much for the video, and for being an awesome friend. You rock.

Garrett said...

And it wasn't Garrett that wrote that last comment, it was me, Amber...

Pedaling said...

love that song!

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