Monday, February 1, 2010

What I Do

I haven't thought about this in a long time, and kinda need a self-induced pick-me-up. So I'm going to just kinda show off a bit in this post. :)

I promise I'm not self centered, I just can't help how awesome I am. :) I can do a lot of things. Some I haven't done in a long time, some I'm quite practiced at. But here goes:


Obviously. Ya know, since this is primarily what ends up on this blog. I have many more examples of this - and they can all be found via scrolling through previous posts.

Computers - HTML/CSS
Yeah, definitely, seeing as how this is my major at school. But I chose it for a reason. Ever since I was 10 years old and first started playing with PowerPoint, I have had a knack for computers. They are a large fraction of my life. Not only I am gifted in Microsoft and (as of late) Adobe programs, but going down to the basics in working code and organizing things in a tasteful and sensible fashion (when I want to, that is. Panic is fun sometimes too.) I have not got any great examples of this yet other than the blog you are currently viewing, but I will be purchasing a domain soon I am sure - and even with that, pay attention to this blog, because it will steadily be getting more awesome when I have the time. I'm just getting better and better.

Also, I really want that t-shirt. I would wear it all the time. Dang it, I love being a nerd! Especially an attractive nerd, those are rare.

Video Editing

I hadn't watched that video in a while. That brought me joy. :) Not bad at all for having nothing but Windows Movie Maker! Maybe sometime soon I'll upgrade to something better.

I got to perform last Friday at a ward talent show and I did a good job - but I am sad to admit that the video failed. Stupid button malfunction. So I don't have the evidence of that, not yet at least. For now, take my word for it. I can sing really, really, quite well. Especially with the lessons and practice I've been putting in recently. I will get a copy of that video sometime and most likely put it up here.

This is something I haven't done much in recent years, but I'm trying to get into again. I did it a lot in high school, won some awards and such as well. I mostly stopped just because I didn't have the time anymore. The same fate came to:

I have a novel that I started in 9th grade, worked on regularly up until... dang like, probably the time of the car accident, and then I no longer had time. I hardly have gotten to work on storytelling since, but I am quite good at that too, and intend to get back into it someday when I have the time. Some of my poetry and such are available here, however. (It's definitely old and I'd make some alterations to it now, but I do like it.)

THE LIST ENDS HERE. But the skills do not.

Geeze, I haven't done either of those last two in years. I need to get on that. Which is my cue to leave. That plus I have a paper I should be working on. Dang nab you, responsibilities! Getting in the way of what I want to do!

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Pedaling said...

k-i can do a bit of photography- well
but my art stinks
my voice remains untrained
my writing has improved but still leaves much to be desired
and my computer skills are basic.

you've developed some very nice talents.
i love your voice best!

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