Monday, September 20, 2010

The Weekend of Cabin

[EFY Counselors] + [Latter Day Celebration Choir]
Equals many things.

1 - I am ridiculously blessed to know a lot of awesome people.
2 - There is so much power in music.
3 - Autumn is my FAVORITE time of year.
4 - Going to two separate cabins with two separate groups of friends in one little weekend makes you irretrievably TIRED.




I am so lucky to be apart of these amazing groups.
But I refuse to be part of another weekend this crazy busy EVER AGAIN.
I need a nap...


Sue said...

You do seem to have some amazing experiences that come your way.

And that last photo is amazing!


Kylie's Reality said...

Those pics from the EFOCA are Hawt!! Love you girl!

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