Monday, January 18, 2010


I'm quoting David Bowie in that title, it is not just stuttering because it is cold - though both are definitely applicable. But yeah! Here's a quick update on recent events...

Last Wednesday, off to the MTC went one of my best friends, Eric Keddington, on his way to Georgia. I'm very excited for him, he's going to do great things, but he's definitely going to be missed at home. We had a lot of fun at his farewell.

However much he will be missed - I have to say one thing that I am very happy about.

... That's it.

I have NO MORE friends who are leaving on their missions anytime soon. They are all coming home from this time forth. No more goodbyes. Such a good feeling!

Last Saturday was a big girls night downtown, with some of my wardies, and my younger sister. Got a ridiculous amount of pictures, it was way fun.

Full Album Here

It was pretty great. And, as far as the main 'changes' part goes - ha well I dunno, let's just summarize it into a few points.

Relationship developments, new church callings (which I love and am very excited about), recent awesome literature, and positive life-changing decisions, I am becoming the best self I have ever been. And I am going to be letting those changes happen.

Today, I decided to make a few physical changes too with a haircut, that I love. Normally wouldn't be a huge deal, but pretty sure I've been getting the same haircut for about 5 years now! So it's a bigger deal than it would normally be. :)

Oh, that plus a new simplified blog layout. That old one was getting to complex for me to work with consistently. That's all for now! I'm settling in for bed, life starts up again tomorrow!

PS - SO loving the rain! Temporary, and it will turn into snow, yeah I know. But rain feels so good. It just... I dunno... it calms my soul. Anyway, that is all!

PPS - Amber J.A.H. Glissmeyer (heh) has uploaded her wedding vid from last September. Ahem: AWWWE MEMORIES. I recommend you watch. Now.

Someday it will be my turn! But as of now, I am in absolutely no rush. :)

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