Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Best Part So Far

This whole moving process? It's a lot of work, a bit of a pain, and slightly overwhelming when you through in work and school and family and... most importantly... sleep. But it is worth every second of it, and last week, Grayson and I experienced the crowning moment of the work thusfar...

We combined all of our gift cards and returns at Target, one of the stores we had registered at, and went on the shopping spree of our lives.

We bought essentially everything we needed/wanted, from an entertainment center to a broom and dustpan and anything in between. And the best part? It was all a gift - a huge cumulative gift. The biggest shopping spree of my life, and not one penny of it was from our own hard earned paychecks.

We still have some more returns and gift cards to use. I'd better enjoy this while it lasts, as I'm sure we will never get to experience anything quite like this ever again.


Amanda Joy said...

That is so fun... I loved that moment.
I made sure we got camping stuff:)

Sue said...

Aren't wedding presents great? Especially gift cards!


Anonymous said...

I love the whole gift card trend now. I know that when I give it, the kids can get exactly what they want or need and don't even need to do the hassle of a return.


tammy said...


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