Monday, August 8, 2011

My Number One Wedding Tip

Another quick pre-scheduled post for all of you while I'm away on my honeymoon! I wanted to share with you the tip that absolutely saved my life throughout all of this wedding business.

I made a through To-Do List
and I got as much done early as I possibly could

Trust me when I say this; you have three days before you tie the knot? 

You want to dedicate your mind more to the thought that you are about to be tied to a guy for the rest of your life more than you want to worry about how your bridesmaids hair is going to look or if you have the right kind of flowers.

I decided to make my own wedding video - I had it done and burned to DVD a week and a half before the wedding.

We had a bunch of frames and photos for table centerpieces - all of the pictures were printed and placed and the price tags were scraped off the frames two weeks before the wedding.

Everything happened early. Pens for the reception guest book, bought them three weeks early. Groom's ring - bought a month in advance. Brides jewelry - bought a month in advance. Marriage license - organized a week in advance. Cake and dress - organized two months in advance.

This saved my life in many different ways. An order takes a long time in shipping? No worries, we still have time for it to get here. Oh no, my dress for the wedding dinner looks awful? Take it back, and find something else. You have time.

And as a side note, three months was the PERFECT length for an engagement. Had it been any shorter, my family and I would've gone absolutely crazy with how much we had to do in such little time. Had it been any longer, Grayson and I would've gone crazy with how long it was taking to get here dangnabbit!

I hope all is well for you in the bloggy world! I will be back again in a few days, and then depending on how our move in the apartment goes, I will be back and swingin' again ASAP. Loves!


Sue said...

Have a wonderful honeymoon! (How can you miss?!)


Anonymous said...

I canNOT wait to hear all about it!!! And I'm so showing this post to both my sons who will (I'm sure of it) be getting married by the end of the year


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