Sunday, August 28, 2011

I Was Pictured Out

So I have had a few friends asking me about the honeymoon lately. Everyone who has come to me knows me very well, and as such all of them want to see photos of everything we went to do.

I have surprised them all by saying that... honestly? I only took a handful of not-great pictures.

Crazy, right? I am usually a photo guru with hundreds of pictures of almost any event or vacation I attend. But no, not this time. We went out an about, we saw stuff and did stuff... but my camera was hidden away most of the time.

My theory? After the wedding and all that it entailed, I was simply DONE with pictures.

Well, okay I do have a few...

But I don't have any pictures from Park City, or from half the fun things we saw in Vegas. I am a little bit disappointed in myself, but I will forgive myself - THIS TIME. In the future I'd better watch myself, or else.


Anonymous said...

These and the smiles tell it all!
Happy, happy, happy!!


Sue said...

I get "pictured out" myself, once in awhile.

At least you got a few!


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