Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bucks & Ducks

The Buck girls, (better known as Lindz's family) went to the Farmers Market yesterday. My mom needed to purchase gardening shoes, and some fertilizer for our yard. (Turkey poop!! Does wonders for the dirt, apparently. Poop and dirt are good friends.) Though this errand could've been a momentary thing, we hit a distraction. They were small and yellow and fuzzy and AMAZING.

I think I took about 60 pictures of baby ducks. Pretty sure. Yeah, there were a few baby bunnies and chicks thrown in, which were also pretty great, but chicks are mean to each other and the bunnies were hard to see in their cage. Ducks ran around in circles and tumbled over each other clumsily and tried to fly with their little nubby wings. I think I might be obsessed with baby ducks. They are all now my friends.

Oh, and no, it didn't smell great. Also, despite what this post might imply, I do not wish to own a duck. Babies are cute, but adult ducks are less exciting. I'd rather have a puppy. Please send me a puppy.

Let the cute overdose begin!


Two black ducks in a sea of yellow.

FUZZY. We weren't allowed to pick them up. This was devastating.

They have big feet, just like me. Mine are just paler and not webby, and definitely not very useful when swimming.

Also, a bunny. Heh, nose.

Also, chickens. Look, they're friends. When they aren't pecking at each other. Watch your fingers. We don't want any of these chickens to taste human blood and run rampant, creating a mass army of chicken-zombies.
(Dang, I'm more tired than I thought...)

Here, my sister tries to become one of them.

Here, she succeeds:

Ok, that video makes me cry laughing almost every time I watch it. This is what it is like being a member of the Buck family.

PS: There is a chance that I will be purchasing rubber duckies at my earliest possible convenience.

Also, does anyone else find this as hilarious as I do?

Irony & Coincidence = God's Sense of Humor

Oh how I love life.


Sarah loves it all said...

You are funny! I'm glad you stopped by my blog today. I like yours. How could I resist pictures of cute little duckies?!

I am so high-fiving you through the blog world right now. :)

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Turkey poop? Hmmm... I've heard about chicken poop!
Very cute pics... even if they do smell something fierce.
And I'm VERY impressed with your sister's talent!!

Bill said...

Hey, I just came over to your blog after you commented on mine. I like it! So how did you find my blog, anyway?

Anonymous said...

the little duckies are cute. I love the bunny.
Several years ago when we lived where i had to mow the lawn, there was this tiny bunny in the yard. I'd never seen one so tiny. too bad I ran him over with the mower.

NO I DID NOT. just kidding. I did not want to run him or her over so I tried to herd him her out of the way. It did not take the hint. So I figured I'd have to pick it up and hopefully not hurt it. it looked so fragile. So I bent over to pick it up and it hopped out of reach and not further. I took a step and bent over a gain and it hopped out of reach and not further.
so there I am looking like I'm crazy, because the bunny is too small for anyone else to see. I'm taking a step, bending over and then repeating that all over the yard.
finally it made it to the bushes. I hope that's where its family was.

mistieleigh said...

what adorable little animals. Seneka would have loved them!! The ducks are precious!

Jingle said...

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3rd link:


Lindzena said...

Just browsing randomly actually, I think I found you through another blogger's comment list. Yay for social networking!

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