Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lindz's Summer Bucket List

Summer is here, and I am bored too much. As such, I'm going through some awesome activities that are coming up around here that I want to be part of. I'm making a list, not only for the blog, but for my own personal reference. PS, future Lindsey, you want to keep the $$ as low as possible here. Poor college student, remember?

So here goes!

Limited Time Events

June 4th
Ryan Shupe and the RubberBand
at Sandy Amphitheater
Price Tag: $9-12 per seat

I love these guys, and I hear they are a really fun concert. They've got a bit of a bluegrass influence, and I absolutely love that flavor. Favorite song by them: Dream Big. (Won't let me embed, so please click the link. Amazing song, has gotten me through some rough days.) I would adore this.

July 10th
at Sandy Amphitheater
Price Tag: $7-10 per seat

Can I tell you how much I love male A-Capella? If you read my post about guys that can sing, then you know it's a huge thing for me. I was obsessed with these guys when I lived in Logan. They have fast and fun stuff, and super mellow stuff. That would be ridiculously fun.

July 13th
Paul McCartney LIVE
at Rio Tinto Stadium
Price Tag: $46-250 per seat

Do I even have to say it? Really? OHMYGOSH. I would DIE to go to this concert! Is it out of my budget? Yes. Would I give my left pinky toe to go to this? Probably. But my friends... one of the Beatles is coming to my town! AAAHHH. I want to I want to I want to. I probably can't. But oh oh oh do I WANT TO.

August 6th-8th
Park City Arts Festival
at Kimball Art Center
Price Tag: $10-15 entrance fee?

This one is a must do for me this year! I don't remember the price tag for this, but I know it's right around there. (Price isn't online yet.) Last year I actually worked security for this event, and it was my first time in old-town Park City. I got to walk around a bit, and it was SO FUN. They have the coolest stuff there! I could spend hours at that place just browsing around. Seriously, like coffee tables that turn into xylophones, and huge murals and sidewalk chalk projects, really eccentric people. I want to go as a spectator this time. That would be a blast! Maybe spend the night and go two days in a row (it's only a one time fee.) There is definitely enough to see there that you could take up two days.

Anytime Events

Desert Star Theaters
at Desert Star Playhouse
Price Tag: $13-18 per seat

I have never been here before, but I've heard fantastic things from people who have been. I'm not sure if it's dinner theater or not, but I hear their shows are hilarious. I think that would be a really fun group activity.

Concerts in the Park
at Brigham Young Historic Park
Price Tag: Free

Free is a word that I like. I've been to these concerts before, and they can be really fun. My only warning is this: bring bug spray. Mosquitoes are sometimes an issue. Through June, July, and August they have shows on Tuesdays and Fridays starting at about 8:00. They have a full list of shows here. I'm sure I'll end up at a few - like the bluegrass bands and the Hawaiian dancers.

Hogle Zoo
at... uh... Hogle Zoo
Price Tag: $9 per person (adult)

I freaking love the zoo. If you go with the right people, it's the best place ever. Amazing pictures, and usually inside jokes to last you forever. I want to go sometime this summer.

Thanksgiving Point Gardens
at Thanksgiving Point
Price Tag: $10 per person (adult)

Another awesome picture opportunity. I've never been, and I wanted to go during the Tulip Festival, but it didn't work out. I think it's still worth going though. That would be a fun portrait-taking day if my friends were up for it. :) I know I am!

Gardner Village
at, you guessed it, Gardner Village
Price Tag: Free

I love Gardner Village, it's so classic. They have really unique shops and fantastic food. I'm always up for a trip down there... especially around Halloween. So if I have to wait for Halloween, so be it. But this would be really fun too.

at, yeah, Lagoon
Price Tag: $45 entrance fee

Yeah, the magic of this place died a bit when I went to Disneyland for the first time. But if you're with fun people, this place is the best! I even have a few friends who are debating getting season tickets. How cool would it be to say, "I'm bored. Hey, I know, let's go to Lagoon!" A bit overpriced, but season passes pay themselves off if you go twice. Yeah, still thinkin about it.

Drive-In Theater
at the Redwood Drive In
Price Tag: $7 per ticket

So old school, I usually end up going at least once a year. This is best if you have a truck with a Lovesac in the back. I love this, because it's cheaper than any other theater (other than dollar theater), and you get to see two movies. Sometimes it's hard to find the movie combos though, so you have to do some searching. If you do it right, you get a better set up, and you get to bring your own foodstuffs. I love the drive in.

Oh boy, I have a fun summer ahead of me! If I'm able to do even half of these things, that is. PS, all activities are subject to change on my list of priorities without notice.

AND, this doesn't include any of the planned road trips, or the 4th of July, or the spur-of-the-moment hiking and bonfires and blockbuster movies. Then things like Draper Days and other assorted festivals going on, and parties with friends who are home from college.

Sometimes life feels like nothing but work and weddings for me lately, but my friends, NOT IN THE SUMMER! So excited!! Let the good times roll!


M-Cat said...

It all looks so fun! Hogle Zoo is on our agenda as well. And Thanksgiving Point, And Gardner Village.......

ScoMan said...

Wow, you've got a lot happening in your city. Where do you live again?

*Scrolls up to your "About me"*

Northern Utah. Sounds cool. All that happens in they city here is sport. Not that I'm complaining. I go to my fair share of sport.

Oh, we also have stand up comedy. Again, I go to my fair share of comedy.

I guess the only thing I really wish we had is more of the musical / theatre type stuff.

Okay, we have plenty of that too, but really what I want is someone to do Repo: The Genetic Opera here. Okay, I said it, that's the only thing I want.

Anonymous said...

Take out about 3 of those events, and Paul McCartney is suddenly in your budget. If you want to see him that bad, $45 isn't much to save. I hope you get to! That would be fun.

tammy said...

So glad to see The Redwood Drive-In is still around. My husband and I spent many date nights there. We'd grab our favorite take-out, drive to the theater, and catch a double feature during which I'd fall asleep during the second movie.

Lagoon - I need to take my boys there. I can't believe I grew up going there every summer and haven't taken my kids.

Love Gardner Village. A must whenever I come visit.

My brother goes to the Desert Star Playhouse all the time and loves it.

And the Sandy Ampitheater is right by my Mom's house but I had no idea they had those kind of shows.

Kind of makes me want to visit UT this summer.

ReformingGeek said...

Wow! Sounds fun. If you see me in cage at the zoo picking fleas out of my fur, don't laugh.

Maybe you could sneak me out and we could go to Lagoon!


Pedaling said...

this summer I definitely want to hit the drive in.
There really are many fun choices here in this good state of Utah!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

I remember seeing Ryan Shupe just once WAAAYY back when I was at BYU. He was brand new and it was for a small group of kids. Crazy!
Sounds like a fun summer!

laughingwolf said...

ooooooooo thum phun! :D

Mr. Stupid said...

Wow. This sounds great. There's a lot for you to do. My parents had been to Paul McCartney's concert once. They loved it.
The Lagoon is a great place to visit.


Kristina P. said...

Yes! This is a great list. I want to party it up this summer. I hope that The Hoff makes it in there.

Sue said...

This is a very cool list!

(I love male a capella, too.)


Anonymous said...

I have 2 words for my summer: ROAD TRIP! :) These all look like great ideas too. Hooray for summer!!

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