Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Chicken-Fried Knowledge

Finals has this thing about completely ruining your thought processing skills. It's time for me to jump back. But there is a problem: I have NO IDEA what to write about. My brain isn't working. I'm practically comatose, sitting in the corner and drooling while I watch everyone else and their 'existing', or whatever it's called. So, to jump start my brain, I am going to expound my post-finals knowledge. Read and learn.

Friend weddings make you feel simultaneously old and young.
Mandi, one of my best friends through middle school and early high school, got married on Friday. She was beautiful, her husband was sweet, and I ran into a ton of friends from back in the day. Though it has been years for us all, it felt like we were just as tight as we once were. We talked about stupid events and people from middle school, old activities from our youth programs, inside jokes from braceface days. The big difference? One was married, one was a graduate, and we are all 'adults' now. *Shutter*

Nice weather makes me want to go to the movies.
A few in particular I am excited for and really want to see:

Shaving is deadly.
Think about it. Man or woman, you're gliding multiple razor-sharp shards of metal against your vulnerable, damp skin. Women have more area to cover, but guys have to do it every day, so I think we are even. Reality about the extreme dangers of this activity struck me last week when I took a quarter size chunk of skin off of the back of my right leg. It took three days to stop bleeding. Still continues to open whenever I do anything less-than-graceful (so like 18 times a day). I've been walking in a gimp-like fashion ever since.
But ya know what? I like to live life on the edge. I'm an adrenaline junky, a risk taker. So I am going to continue shaving. I know... I can hear the gasps of shock and withering faints now. I'm a tough old broad. (I decided 20 is old enough to be a tough old broad.)

Fire will always be entertaining.
It's pretty. Monday, my family went out to eat at a restaurant with a fireplace. Yesterday, I went to a barbecue where the grill was totally out of control - singeing hair off of the arms of our skilled grill-master Alan. (My friend nearly choked on his hamburger when he saw this; apparently singed hair is funny.) We are reaching fire-pit/bonfire/forest fire season. I am convinced that if my house were on fire, I would probably die, because I would be gazing absent-minded at the dancing flames. Maybe this is just partially due to the fried-finals brain, but even so.

I don't want to play.
At said barbecue yesterday, there were multiple sports involved. These included volleyball, football, soccer, and ultimate frisbee. Most of these bring back memories of wearing awkward shorts and being forced to play against your peers in epic combat during grade school years for participation points. I don't know about you, but that description reminds me a great deal of gladiators being sent to their deaths in Ancient Rome (except they had metal skirts instead of awkward shorts girded about their loins).
Sometimes these sports can be fun if you have energy or anger you need to release, but most of the time, I just don't wanna. I'm kind of gracefully-clumsy, only doing the correct thing via epic accident. Only a large energy rush and significant peer-pressure will have me willingly playing these sports competitively. I'd rather be trying to get action shots with the camera. Is this because I'm out of shape or weak? No. I just really don't like it.
Exception: Tossing a frisbee casually, or a football, or shooting hoops, or kicking a soccer ball lightly... I like. Casual, no pressure, no point-keeping. That is fun. I guess I am really non-confrontational.

Green pants = joy.
I got green sweat pants on Monday. They are soft, and fuzzy, and oh-so green. There is little else to be said on the subject.

I cannot survive without my compy.
The fan is dying, and sounds like a lawn mower. The left mouse button is currently not responding because it is not correctly inserted in the motherboard, requiring the use of an external mouse. The battery no longer holds a charge, so if it is unplugged, it dies instantly. I still use it just as much as I ever did, in spite of all of this. Compy, I love you. I'm here for you until the day you die. Then I shall buy a new and better one, abandoning you without remorse. No offense. New shiny fast things... you understand.

Ok, enough mindless ranting now. Despite popular belief, I actually do have some things to do. Occasionally. Maybe I'll go do them.


ModernMom said...

Oh great post! I so second shaving is deadly:)

Pedaling said...

mormon utah weddings do make one feel old and young at the same time...never really thought about that....
my mac will not hold a charge at all- so annoying-
i can be confrontational, on occasion.
careful with that razor, next time don't press down so hard.

Cheeseboy said...

Oh, I have had WAY too many finals in my time.

I am 34 and when me and my HS buddies get together, it is like nothing has changed. It's like it's own secret time machine.

The shaving incident totally made me cringe.

Mr. Stupid said...

Nice post. I have hated sports too. Volleyball had me in the Hospital for a ligament tear in my hand... LOL
I liked the kid in the picture. His goal of becoming a Footballer, crushed due to a poor kick... hehe

I am your newest follower. Have an awesome day...:)

Writing Without Periods! said...

I still keep in touch with high school friends...however it's odd because I too feel old and young at the same time.

Dr. Heckle said...

I know, the thought of being an "adult" makes me shutter as well. What is this "grown-up" thing anyway?

Anonymous said...

that was very entertaining. you have some mind. it's wonderful.

green sweats? what is that? i guess i need a photo. i just can't picture a good green for sweat pants.. sorry.

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