Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Shows

I've been stuck at home sick and all blechy for about two days now, and as such have not had much to do other than watch my TV shows. I own many of them on DVD, and I'm a HUGE fan of Hulu. I adore having TV shows to follow; it's something to look forward to every week and something to collect and enjoy. I figured, since I'm well enough to type today, that I would do a little feature on my favorite shows and why I watch them. And since I can't pick and choose, I'll just put them in alphabetical order.

The Big Bang Theory

Holy crap, it's me. Except male, and times 12. Nothing makes me laugh quite like this show can, and it scares me how often I know exactly what they are talking about. I can rant about biology and stuff too, I just don't because my knowledge scares people.

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I came across this show casually a few years ago, and I always stopped at it because it was one of those mystery-types where you could guess whodunnit. I have had pride in myself in the past for always getting those right, having been able to guess the end to movies such as The Sixth Sense, The Others, etc before the twist at the end. With this show, I NEVER could get it right. I started watching it more and more, and eventually got sucked into the humor, storylines, characters, and the fantastic and frightening villains, such as the Grave Digger and Gormagon. Also, man candy.

Unfortunately, sometimes it gets a little gross with the dead people thing. I don't advise eating spaghetti while watching that until you're a bit more used to it. I know this from experience.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Video features gruesome stuff. It was all I could find. Just warning ya.


It was a cool autumn day, and I was randomly in the little nowhere town of Ephraim UT for a weekend. My good friend Grayson took me there for a party, and during the down time, we watched season one of this show that I hadn't heard of previously. Since that time, I have purchased all available seasons, followed it religiously, gotten my whole family into it, and laughed hysterically the whole time. It's a great show, and I recommend it to anybody. Also, man candy.


I discovered this show long after its one-season life. Even after the movie that came out later, "Serenity". My friends Keegan & Nick watched them late into the night during the cold Logan winter of '07-'08. I now own them all, love them, and think it is a sin that they were canceled. Shows such as Survivor came out at the same time, and the reality TV market bumped this show off the air. Now the great mysteries of Hal & Inara, River Tam, the history behind Shepard Book... lost to the ages. We will never know. Oh, and also, man candy, and a fantastic opening song.


When this show first came out, I was indifferent. Then, I became extremely fond of it as the music advanced and my old performance choir memories started budding up. Then, at last, I adored it. Now, everyone seems to be obsessed with this show, and it's up for some sort of award or something. All I care about is the music, and the fact that it can still make me laugh no matter what.

The Office

I've been with this show since season 3. I've followed it every week since. Did I jump for joy when Jim and Pam started dating? Yes. Have I been tempted to buy a Dwight bobblehead? Yes. Did I wait with baited breath during the strike? Yes. Have I done blog posts on The Office in the past? Yes. Also, man candy. (Though, since the wedding, less so.)

I will admit: this show seems to be losing its touch. I think it is coming to a close. I hope it becomes one of those shows where, when it ends, people say, "Dang, that was a great run," rather than, "FINALLY!" Either way, I'll be there until the final closing scene.

Robin Hood (BBC)

This show I came across the same way I came across Firefly, during late Logan winter nights. I think British accents are awesome, and I love how intense the relationships between these characters get. You are hard pressed to find a better villain than the Sheriff of Nottingham in this series; hilarious and horrible all at once. Also, man candy.

Maybe I like the man candy more than I say I do.

Yes. And proud of it. This shall never change!

What are your favorite shows?


tammy said...

Love, love, love Chuck! So glad they decided not to cancel it.

The Office - yes! You're right, some episodes are losing steam. I hope they've got a few more really funny ones left.

Love me some Glee, too.

I'm thinking I need to start watching Bones while everything else is on hiatus.

Castle is another one I've been liking. And I love House. I can't wait to see how Lost ends. I'm just hoping I'm not still lost after.

Chillygator said...

You also need to watch Modern Family so I can have someone else be in love with it and we can laugh about how funny it is together.

M-Cat said...

Okay, I am of course SO WITH YOU on The Office.
I tired getting on the Glee bandwagon and even gave Chuck a whirl, but I watch so little tv that there just isn't much I can ever catch on a regular basis and even though we DVR stuff I never have time to watch it.

ReformingGeek said...

Hubby and I love Big Bang Theory! I've seen Chuck a couple of times. It's pretty funny.

We are into Lost, curious about the final shows, and I also like House, 24, Burn Notice, and Royal Pains.

Thanks for sharing.

Cheeseboy said...

Chuck was just renewed for next year! I think it's terrific.

I'm with Chillygator. Modern Family is the funniest show on TV. It can fill your Office void.

Glee is great too, but don't tell my man friends I like it.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

I've actually been meaning to try out Firefly! And I'm curious about Robin Hood.

Have you seen Human Target? Mmmm.... so good.

Writing Without Periods! said...

I've never seen that show. I'll have to check it out. Plus I want to see Robin Hood. I love Russell Crowe!!

Bossy Betty said...

OK. We can officially hang out and watch TV now! Love your picks!

Jingle said...

get well soon.

ScoMan said...

Big Bang Theory? Firefly? You've earned yourself a follower.

I love The Big Bang Theory.

TV Shows you could find in my DVD collection are Black Books, Scrubs, Dead Like Me, 30 Rock, The IT Crowd.. umm.. that's all I can remember.

ScoMan said...

(Oh, and The Big Bang Theory, but I thought I'd made that clear enough)

Mr. Stupid said...

Chuck and Bones are my favorites. I even liked House very much. I have never seen Firefly though. Enjoyed all the promos. Fun post...:)

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