Friday, January 21, 2011

Fire alarm? We're all gonna die.

What are you supposed to do when the fire alarm goes off in college?

I bring it up because, about 5 minutes ago, I was sitting outside on a bench with a coworker of mine, discussing the matter over the drone of irritating sirens. Every single student around me looked a bit confused, and so did most of the professors involved. Next time, when it's real, we're probably doomed.

(Dun dun duuunnnn...)

The thought that runs through my head the second the sirens start instantly brings me back to childhood years. It's probably about the same for almost everyone:

"Children, we are supposed to meet out at the park slide. I need you all to stand in alphabetical order, it's not recess. Jimmy, you are our counter. Make sure there are 33 of us. Samantha, you are our runner..."
The image of white buckets overflowing with granola bars, band aids, and Pac-Sun pouches in individualized plastic bags. Everyone always hoped that this fire drill was the real thing, because it's almost lunch time and I really want that granola bar that's been in there for 4 months...

And then suddenly, today, I find myself standing alone on a chilly cement staircase, 21 years of age, watching the concourse below me. I am completely boggled, without a granola bar or a Pac-Sun anywhere nearby. I'm not sure about anyone's last names down there, so how do I know where I am in alphabetical order? I had no teacher at which to yell, "I'm here!" I keep asking myself, is there something I need to do? I don't wanna get in trouble!

Pictured above: Not quite mass panic, but almost. It's there, I could sense it...
I have reached a point now in this post where I must ask myself... what is the point of this post? What am I hoping to achieve?

Simple. Survival.

My dear friends...

What do you do when the fire alarm goes off, and suddenly it's not elementary school anymore?

This whole adulthood thing is still pretty new to me.


Sue said...

Easy. You get out of (or farther away from) the building!


Laoch of Chicago said...

Important to leave, one can always return inside once it is established that it is safe.

M-Cat said...

The fire alarm used to go off at the office so much when we first moved into the building that we pretty much all ignore them now. We would cook for sure!

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