Wednesday, January 19, 2011

This Is the New Year - Ian Axel

Best lines in this song:
"Speak louder that the words before you, and give them meaning no one else has found."
"Say everything you’ve always wanted, be not afraid of who you really are."

I discovered this artist when I was at Utah State via my roommates... then forgot about it, then came across it by accident a few months ago. Then I bought the few songs available on iTunes by him, including this one, and they are some of my absolute FAVORITES lately.

Seeing as how it's still January, I figured a New Year themed song was appropriate. I just love this style of music. Enjoy!

PS - MY FACE HURTS. But I'm doing alright. Painkillers are a beautiful invention! Thank you, modern medicine. Peace and love!

What is your favorite song or artist right now?
Leave me a comment - let me know. If I love your music too, it might become a feature someday.

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Sue said...

Truly no fun. Hope you feel better, soon.


PS. I'd like to hear an acoustic version of this song!

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