Monday, January 31, 2011

You Will Love This Song - Amber Rubarth

Best lines in this song:
"You said you love it when all the words in a song move really fast and your ears have to choose just one little phrase to hold on to.
And you love it when all the chords are really simple so you can play it on the guitar, and then when it goes to a funny one at the end you like that too (insert funny chord here)."

I discovered this Indie artist through my very good friend Kenzie one day while we were apartment shopping in the Utah County area. It didn't take long before I had absolutely fallen in love with Amber Rubarth's music.

I haven't finished collecting all of my favorites from her yet... I'm sort of poor lately. :) But I am definitely getting there.

What is your favorite song or artist right now?
Leave me a comment - let me know. If I love your music too, it might become a feature someday.

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Sue said...

Right now, Joshua Radin is my favorite. I like his acoustic stuff better than his new CD though.


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