Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Year, New Semester, New Look

HOWDY YA'LL. Happy... uh... 13th day of 2011. Yes, I am so on top of things.

So how are you doing, audience? Doing well, I hope. I haven't really talked to you in a while. How was your Christmas? How are you liking the winter-ish-ness? What's new? Anything awesome to report? You should tell me, because you know how much I love awesome things.

Oh, what is new with me, you ask? Well, I am moving into an apartment soon, and that is rather epic-licious. I bought a new phone, the Samsung Gravity-T, and I love it. I have bought some new fishies, which I might have to introduce to you sometime soon. I'm getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow, so that will be an awesome drug trip, eh? I've decided that I am going to make my favorite kind of music a focal point on this blog, as well as my life and pictures I take. It is something I am just as passionate about, and as such, why the heck not?

Um, also I have changed my favorite color to THIS, though I also am very fond of THIS and THIS, and sometimes THIS or THIS.

What else? I'm still the awesome fiery red head, still singing almost all the time, still getting odd looks from passers by in so doing. I'm still 5'8'', getting steadily more awesome in my Web Design major, and finding every excuse to be random and take pictures of stuff. I still seek adventure whilst riding upon my trusty steed, Mazda...

Also... dear audience... I HAVE MISSED YOUR FACE(s). I have missed the sweet sounds of my own voice reading your comments out loud. I have missed the random inspiration to spout junk onto the internet. I want to again throw my random brain thoughts into the empty spaces of the cyber world for the entertainment of others. In the incredible stress and frenzy of the college student life, I have lost touch with this world... this is a tragic loss.

So, in order to entertain you, I have found this awesome video. Please enjoy, and tell your friends.

OH MY GOODNESS. My brain just had an explosion of cuteness. DOES HE MAKE IT? Yes, he does.

Peace and love to all ya'll!


Brianna Jean said...

I think I said, "AW" a totally of 60 times, so like every .287 seconds I was saying "AW" it was ridiculous the empathy I was having for this darling puppy. Oh my heavens to the stars and back. haha. I'm glad you're writing again, I think you are an excellent writer and I love reading your stuff, it makes me smile! Love ya girl, you're awesome!

mistieleigh said...

Hi Lindsey- happy to hear from you! Happy all is well. Best of luck with the wisdom teeth. It was fun seeing you on Christmas Eve!
take care...

M-Cat said...

LOve to see you back in the arena!

Sue said...

What a cutie! (That applies to both you AND the dog.)

Glad to "see" you.


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