Friday, September 16, 2011

Bear Lake - Sad Absense of Bears

Yes, there was an absence of bears - unless you count my husband, who I think counts.  I know he would be honored to be counted as a bear, so I don't feel bad making that comparison.

Anyway, as you might have guessed, we went to Bear Lake last weekend!  It is apparently the off season, and so therefore it was completely devoid of life, including the swarming bears that the lake is renowned for.  (Right?)

Shells [Devoid of Life]

Abandoned Tractor [Devoid of Life]

Local Wildlife [Devoid of Reason - photo taken in the early morning]
But in spite of the lack of anything happening there, we were able to find sustinance and entertainment during our day and a half of beach time.

I say 'Raspberry Shakes' and you say, BEAR LAKE.  Because they are famous.  Sign says so.
Husband stealing my fries while I took a picture of the Raspberry sign.

Me and Husband being devastatingly attractive.
Okay, now I'm done with the watermark.  I'm just experimenting a little bit with that.

Be and Husband taking shelter from the ferocious elements.
 Long story short, we had fun.  The shakes were yummy, and later we rented ourselves a watercraft.  Not for skiing or wakeboarding or anything like that, but just for riding around and being awesome.

Husband likes the boat.
Husband likes the wife.
Little Sister likes the curly haired boy.
Curly Hair and Little Sister like the boat too.

Littlest Sister dislikes gravity, apparently.
And soon after this, Lindsey's camera died.  We lounged about, slept, did whatever we darn-well pleased, and then we went home and slept some more.  The end.

PS - Wedding pictures coming shortly!  Sorry to leave you hanging; life is CRAZY.


Sue said...

Cute pics!


tammy said...

You're right....those shakes are yummy! Your whole adventure looks quite delightful.

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