Tuesday, September 20, 2011

This might be an upcoming investment for me...

So, I am a pretty avid photo taker, but I will admit... I am not an SLR kind of gal.  I don't want to deal with expensive equipment, changing lenses, big old camera bags or substitute lighting.  Maybe someday, but not this day.  I like to be able to have my camera on me at all times, to capture those hilarious moments and those random beautiful things.

That being said, I will not settle for a sissy little point and shoot camera either.  I would not be able to live with a colorful rectangle that has only a circle on the front, a button on the top, and nothing but automated features.

Since Fall of 2008, I've been carrying around this sweet little thing:

Nikon Coolpix P80

Yes I literally have it on my person almost 24/7.  Yes, it takes up about half of my purse... and it is completely and totally worth it.  This camera and I, we have had some fantastic times together.  We've both been doused in flour together, we've been traveling all around the world (or the nearby west coast states, or whatever), we've taken literally thousands of pictures ranging from laughing EFY kids to some of my friends weddingsBeautiful nature shots, random excursions, and I'm really getting tired of posting old links now...

She's pretty from all angles - I give you permission to check her out.  It's not creepy or anything.

But I shall be honest, the poor little thing is starting to act up lately.  I guess that is what happens after 3 years of use and abuse.  I'm still putting it through its paces on a regular basis, but today I started searching around for what is new in the non-SLR camera relm.  I think found my camera's new sister...

Nikon Coolpix L120
They look similar, but the differences are subtle, and the power is far greater...

And she comes in different colors!
Far better megapixels and zoom, HD video rather than the pixel-ish video I currently have, more user friendly... plus, sometimes she gets to hang out with Ashton Kutcher.  And it's SHINY!
She's staring into your soul.
Long story short... if I were to come up with about $250 dollars... I want this camera to be my best friend, and come with me on my adventures, and help me remember things and places and people.  I think she wants to be my friend too.

Don't worry, little guys.  If you keep trying, someday you can grow up to be awesome too.
Do you have any camera recommendations?  I've also heard some good things about the Cooplix P500.

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Anonymous said...

Loved catching up! Great camera - but LOVE the wedding photos! And what is with the rude dude waiting for his neice? HELLO!!!!! You're on the temple grounds dude!

SO much fun

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