Sunday, September 18, 2011

Family & Friends at the Temple

The best part about taking all of these pictures, was the old nasty guy from another wedding party who kept yelling at the photographer to hurry things up, because his niece or something was coming out and they were next for pictures here.  I was soooo tempted to make sure we went slower...

The Brogdon Family {Favorite Part - crying baby, stage left}
The Buck Family {Can you tell that I'm the first to get married in my fam, and Grayson is the last in his?}
The Bridal Party {Favorite Part - Groomsman face, top center}
All of Everyone {Including my favorite adopted Grandma [left in pink] and both of our extended families}
Look at all that joy!!!  I love how much of everyone's personalities popped out in these shots.

Credit for these photos goes to Bella Day Photography.  More to come!


Brie said...

Beautiful! :) Everything is beautiful! Your flowers, your veil, your dress obviously! OOO and I ALSO love your bridesmaids dresses! That would totally be a dress I would wear again if I was one of your bridesmaids! :) And it doesn't even have to be shortened!

Brie @ BreezyPinkDaisies

tammy said...

I totally would have gone slower, just because of that other guy!

Love the pics.

Bill said...

Just FYI, that's actually "Stage Right." Stage positions are given from the perspective of those on-stage.

Beautiful pictures, though! :) And congratulations again!

Sue said...

Quite a gang at the temple!


ModernMom said...

Just gorgeous!!!!

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