Thursday, April 22, 2010

Men with Pipes (The Vocal Kind)

Every girl has a little weakness. It can be style, smell, height, sense of humor... anything. Anyone who has listened in on any amount of girl talk knows this to be true. I will come out now and admit my own.

When a man can sing, he goes up about 30 fold on my holy-geeze-you're-amazing scale.

This is not because I sing, nor because I spent so many years in performance choirs and such. No. It is because I grew up on these.

You should definitely listen to every single one of them, because I know I will, over and over again...

Of course, classic... one of the first songs I ever learned.

Amazing bass, really cute song.

The main guy in the yellow shirt? Never heard a better tenor in my whole life. He's in chest voice the WHOLE FREAKING TIME!!
(I also love Gene Kelly!! He's in this one. I wanted to do the classic, Singin' in the Rain, but the YouTube copyright was all over it and I couldn't embed.)

This song gets stuck in my head on a weekly basis. I want to sing this with someone someday...

EVEN BETTER bass!! It's like an earthquake in his vocal chords!

One of my favorite shower songs.
Though this might not be an incredible belting song, the scene here is something I want in my future home.

Oh I suppose that is enough for now. Sigh...

THAT is why I cannot resist a man who can sing. And I mean really sing; a trained ambition to sing. Someone who knows how to do it right. Amazing.

These classic movies are clean, they're fun, they're addicting, and they're brilliant. For the rest of my life, I will ALWAYS have them in my movie collections.


amberjulieann said...

I love the Sound of Music the most. It's one of the few love stories that really makes my heart melt. I guess it's cause I can relate to Maria in a lot of ways. I think I'm a lot like her.

Cheeseboy said...

Singing eh? Thankfully, my wife's is the humor thing. Or maybe it's the singing? No, probably the humor.

Lindzena said...

I think I definitely have the humor thing too. And the tall thing. And possibly the smell good thing. Wow I have a lot more weaknesses than I thought...

And Sound of Music is classic. Most people know that one the best. :)

Naomi Martineau said...

I'm with you girl! Men suddenly become attractive when they can sing...and when they're tall...and when they can make you laugh...oh boy...haha

ModernMom said...

Oh yes I'm with you..and if they can play the piano! :)

Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

OK, you just hit some of my all-time favorites!! What a TREAT!! Thanks so much for sharing these classics!! I'm a pushover for Gordon McCrae (Curly in Oklahoma, singing "Oh, What a Beautiful Morning!" Just awesome!

Men who can sing are the sexiest, no question!!

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