Thursday, July 21, 2011

From Grayson, Last Year

So my birthday was last Tuesday, and as I was sitting at work and remembering, I came across a few pictures.

When I turned 21, I was in the middle of EFY and other such crazyness - and Grayson was still on his mission. But shortly after that birthday, I received a package and some pictures from New York.

The birthday cake he and his companion had made me, and 20 individual pictures taken and printed off for me to arrange. At this point, we had never before dated nor had we really discussed the idea. I never 'waited' for him, or called him my missionary or anything like that...

Yeah, it's all pretty awesome. I just thought I'd share that little memory.


Sue said...

Pretty neat!


mistieleigh said...

how cute is that?! wow! He is a keeper (obviously) :)

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