Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Piece of my Childhood

Ends Tonight

I started reading these books when I was eleven years old, and I secretly wished for my own Hogwarts letter.

As every book came out, I grew along with the characters.

I went on the first day to every single movie starting with the first, and midnight premieres as soon as I was old enough to go.

A younger me would hang out with girlfriends and argue about how the stories would end, theorizing over little details and memorizing pieces of trivia, and of course debating which character was the cutest and which ones would get married.

You would think, with my wedding being in about three weeks, my childhood would've ended by now. No, not really. Childhood is sort of an illusion, as you grow up the only thing that changes is physical appearance and number of responsibilities. But tonight we officially close the series that was probably my number one geek-out for the last decade or more.

I have never been so excited for an ending, even though I already know how the story ends.

~ Mischief Managed ~

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I heard it was great!


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