Saturday, July 2, 2011

Guest Book Ideas

I really don't want to do the standard guest book, you know? I like the idea of something a little bit unique, something that doesn't clog traffic at the reception, something creative and cute. I found a few ideas online. What do you think?

I am especially fond of the notes in the mailbox idea, something that would be slipped into a photo album later. What are some other fun ideas?


tammy said...

I love the mailbox too. I recently saw one where they had several small chalkboards, and the person would write on it and then hold it while having their picture taken. I thought that was very cute. You could have that as well as regular note cards for those that were camara shy, or didn't want to hold up the line.

Bill said...

One thing that I saw that was kind of cool was a picture or two of the bride and groom. The pictures were matted for framing, and guests would sign the matting and include various well-wishes. The pictures were then framed and displayed/kept as the bride and groom deemed appropriate.

Sue said...

I like the notes in the mailbox, too.


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