Thursday, July 28, 2011

Making Shoes?

So, I am totally a shoe girl. I don't want to admit exactly how many pairs I have - mostly because I really don't want to count how many pairs I have. As such, with the wedding looming closer and closer, I knew that I had to have the perfect shoes in order to have the perfect day.

Unfortunately, this proved itself not only difficult, but PRICEY. Luckily, my mother is awesome. She found a cute pair of white shoes on a clearance rack for nine dollars. We dyed them to a winter white so it would match the dress, and found the perfect appliques and embellishments. Now, they are finished. I can honestly say that I am IN LOVE with them.

Wonderful wedding shoes for under $15. And the best part? They are totally one of a kind.


Sierra said...

Those are beautiful!

Sue said...

Those shoes are VERY cool!


Amanda Joy said...

Gorgeous shoes! Congrats on your wedding, only a week away:)

Thanks for visiting my blog. I am excited to read more.

Amanda Joy

P.S. We had The Luckiest as part of our wedding video... it's a great wedding song.

Sarah said...

Those really are very beautiful! Your mom and you did a great job.

And I have a Grayson too! It's fun to see a grown-up Grayson. :)

deb duty said...

They are perfect! Great job adding the embellishments!

zammity said...

Love the shoes!

Pedaling said...

they are gorgeous. all your wedding plans, pictures and little tidbits have all been so beautiful and classy!

Brie said...

adorable! thanks so much for commenting on my blog! o my goodness, you're getting married in 3 days! :) i'm your newest follower

Brie said...

:) I just got married on June 11th of this year, so I think I understand how you're feeling! It will be a GREAT day! :)

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