Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Invitations

They are finished!

I designed them myself, mostly because if I were to let anyone else do it... I just know it never would've been quite right. I'm insane like that.

We are getting them printed through a wonderful company called Beautiful Wedding Announcements. By far the best deal I found for printing - if you go anywhere else you are just asking to be robbed. We're getting 500 invites and 240 total inserts (two designs) for $250 dollars.

What do you think?

{PS - If you haven't seen the rest of our engagement photos, you can take a look HERE.}


Sue said...

Great design!

And great deal on the printing, too!!


tammy said...

I love them. I love how you said you're getting married to your best friend. I didn't know you were a Buck. You're not related to a Jamie or Terri Buck, are you?

Anonymous said...

I like the wording on that! Very cute.

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