Thursday, April 29, 2010

DaiDream Believers

Has anyone else recognized that these last two posts have referenced great sixties songs? This one is the Monkee's 'Daydream Believer', and the last one was The Lovin Spoonful's 'Daydream'. Is anyone else a classic song nerd like me? If not they should be.

Anyway - People went through my site and filled it out! I was surprised, I didn't know if anyone actually would, but I got three! I feel victorious. And they are thus featured:

"YOU ARE AMAZING LITTLE GIRL...I loved this I give you an A+++++++" - Aunt Sylvia
I didn't even know my aunt read this blog, HI AUNT SYLVIE!
"Hey Lindsey! Good Job! That is an awesome website! And the packages made me laugh." - Amber Glissmeyer
Me and Amber? We're tight. Tight like skater jeans.
[Package interest: Other] "And by other I mean all three." - Toddithan Wright
His name is Toddithan. I decided this probably a year and a half ago. And he didn't actually know that sending it in would actually email me. That made me laugh.

Oh how I love my major. Nothing is better than being a nerd. I defy anyone to find anything more fun.

As a reward, I would like to dedicate the following song to Aunt Sylvie, Amber, Todd, and all of my other loyal readers. You are the bestest!

I love Rhett & Link. :)

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