Tuesday, April 6, 2010


MormonMessages on YouTube - an absolutely fantastic thing for the youth of today.

I think this is a sign that Priesthood Session is no longer to be a vague secretive affair for the men, only available to women in text a month later...

I am so excited for this. Priesthood Session talks are almost always my favorite talks. It restores my faith in men in general...

Please click to expand this posting, ladies (and gentlemen, if you so choose), if you wish to watch these videos! I have placed them here in chronological order.

PS - Photo from Scott Davis, whom I found completely by accident.
Apparently he is one of the photographers for the Ensign Magazine conference issues!
Very cool!


Cheeseboy said...

This is great... I missed my first priesthood session in 10 years this weekend. Now I can catch up. And you're right, priesthood talks are the best, but I was hoping to keep that secret forever. Darn you youtube!

Anonymous said...

The talks have always been available in text at least. The messages in them are meant specifically for men, and though I like that they are available, I would feel a little weird having men watch the relief society talks. I wouldn't want them following the instruction meant for women, or to think that I need to work on what I was told in the session. I guess that's just my personal opinion, but I'm in no way shooting down yours. ;)

Lindzena said...

I guess I'm excited because I am rarely able to find time to read the text. I end up watching and listening to the talks while I am doing other things. Ha ha and the relief society talks are indeed available. I have that link too. :) Though it would admittedly be interesting to see a young man strive to be more committed to relief society... somehow I doubt that would happen haha. In that same light, I don't think I'll be working to improve my priesthood anytime soon.

amberjulieann said...

Yeah that's exactly what I mean. I don't have the priesthood, so I feel it doesn't really apply to me. Men are, well, not women, so relief society doesn't actually apply either. I do strongly agree with you that the texts should be available to everyone. So basically, we agree. ;)

Pedaling said...

i'm glad your belief in men has been restored.
glad you posted them- i think i will listen to one a day- and maybe post a few on our rs blog.
so thank you.

and i LOVE the new look- wish i could do that stuff!

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